Cowboys host special visitors during Week 2 of OTAs

(Photo: Getty)

The Dallas Cowboys are all about finding unique ways to motivate their players.

With NFL free agency and the draft now approaching the horizon in the team’s rear-view mirror, rookies have now joined incumbent and newly-signed veterans at The Star in Frisco, TX, with OTAs now officially underway. If you’re looking for a prevailing headline, take your pick from the jar on the counter labeled "Oy Vey", because there’s no shortage of them to delve into. The more-immediately prevailing topic comes by way of All-Pro offensive guard Zack Martin, who continues to abstain from practice until further notice.

Garrett admitted the move is contract-related but states Martin did work out with the team and will likely continue to do so, just not on the field. Contract negotiations are ongoing at this time, and the decision is more-or-less of the protectionist nature, the perennial pro bowler not wanting to risk injury because he has his new deal in hand.

And then there’s wide receiver Terrance Williams, who is nursing both a broken foot and an arrest on public intoxication charges. The Cowboys won’t provide any detailed comments as the investigation is currently ongoing, but his future with the club — particularly given the crowded WR room — is very much in doubt. And so it goes, the Cowboys’ offseason is nearly in full-swing with no shortage of storylines, as per usual. Looking to keep everyone keyed in mentally, they had two special guests during Week 2 of OTAs, and one is currently an international icon.

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